Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Late November flight over dust
ash drab desolate stretches, no
jungle, nor colorful birds, humidity
below 40% mortuary dryness
sealed in a vacuum, a cold front
coming, colder still, instant freezing
of the unaware, bright sun belying
rigidness, barricaded against oblivion
death in the air, canyon echoes, voices
from a cave, shadows moving in
darkness, Aegean pioneers, walking
conversations fade, searching among
the influences, laying down of self
between the pages, fading in and out
staccato of heels on cement, outline
of barrenness, the last leaves brown
hanging until the next gust, dissipation
of random streams, students last, running
as the hour begins to toll, library
of stacked shelves, silence of 43 years
muffled cough, whirl of the heating system
low hum, well oiled fans moving air
among compression of days, thick baked brick
formed clay new towers of erudition
sum frequency of harmonic light pierces
dry air, winter tilting early shadows
on the hills, barren, up thrust rock stripped
by erosion, filling the valley floor, sediment
first trampled by trappers then European
immigrants seeking an ethereal dream
paying everything, the price, your life
secure in a belief, protected by mountains.
Sweet chatter and patter of precious little ones
hugs without guile “I love you grandpa”
imprinted on my heart, their parents reunion
bringing together loose strings, tying new knots
embrace of arms, breast to breast, shoulder
to shoulder, toe to toe, standing at a corner
window, bright glare diffusing images below
Buried in haze, low pressure, tugging in the cold.
c) Jan Otterstrom December 2, 2009, Provo Utah

Jan G Otterstrom F.