Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Few take truth seriously
to draw the plane exactly
precision of sound liberated
from the wood, true luthier
more often we enslave ourselves
to exigencies of daily appetite
urgency ruling the important
what we believe at the moment
agreeing with observed fact
but there is more that transcends
perception, do we not leave
this planet alive, our life bound up
in a wave, field of deeper structure
still, beyond instinct and desires
barely on the threshold of ignorance
we give up, what difference does it make
far from potential, the physical beauty
of symphonic union hidden in trees
cedar, maple, rosewood, spruce and pine
lifting always to the sun, never knowing
the grains of their suffering, through long
cold nights or windy lives of onslaught
resistance strengthening, building energy
in their fiber, sealed, hidden in rings of time
we fail, until we care enough to perfect
the art, hone the eye and finally see

Jan G. Otterstrom F. November 22, 2011 Costa Rica