Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Change is manipulated by men to suit
their lusts, my survival tethered, my mind
on a string, helium balloon, floating still
tied to my heart, yet the causes of youth
drift away, in mainstream dialogue: dreams of
Zion, community of charity and consecration
restoration of truth to Lost Tribes, now
there are no kingdoms without money, just another
religious business, plastic and didactic texts
have overthrown art, executive organization
and efficiency smothers free expression
as authority silences better opinions
death of authenticity, uniqueness as virtue
clothed in uniform, an unknown god directs all
his henchmen invent his orders, mystery
authority, bread their code, to mete out as pleases
their discretion, while humble, last old believers
are marginalized then finally cast off, or about.

Jan G. Otterstrom 1/14/2012 Costa Rica