Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Patagonia, land of fire and lore
protector, eccentric paradox of soul
farthest extension, mountains of metaphor
hidden in the screech of fog, cascades rush
to rivers and lakes from glacier nights
of drifts, that battle a wind of non sequiturs
to obfuscate, turn and obliterate in tidal holes
that disguise truth as it appears, then silence
of years, beyond an extreme horizon
of events, where Magellan once passed
the end of the world, where seas crash
on a fortress of rocks, uncertain at the edge
ledge of abyss, citadel of double descent
like our savior, defender of borders, fearless
redeemer who ever relents, as we repent.

Jan G. Otterstrom F. 4/22/2012