Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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My tangent line turns steep
as sleep approaches, rushing
to that unknown limit, decay
evidencing portended arrival
transformed into, who I have
become, measured by a rule
function, that has been my life
alone still, we embrace our
loneliness, comfort to return
withstand another onslaught
that crushes, grinds, milling
the wheat separated from
the chaff that afflicts, steals
our nutrients, crowding light
needing to make a new plan
not resigning to the elements
I dream, execute, challenge
the derivative seeking a new
result, today consumed by
emotion, oxygen charged air
blown in from virgin forests
giving hope, another direction
now charted, another attempt.

c) Jan G. Otterstrom F.
September 20, 2009
Palmares, Costa Rica