Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Man hides his secrets in nonsense
to obfuscate, cryptic to tantalize
paradox and symmetry’s reflections
gliding translation across lines
multiple vectors, identification
algorithms or hyperbolic patterns
binary repetitions of zeros to ones
linear decoded in circles and matrices
blind guides with honors or degrees
missing pages, we were sure were there
hermeneutics of shifting planes of seeing
or involving, holding the page or having
seen it, meanings that transcend
our knowing, in making sense, as reality
intervenes, our Western Culture rests in
Hebraic midrash, the prophet’s words
before us, in text, always in our contemporary
mind, covering yet linking the original
intention, teaching us to “plough a proper furrow”
yet at last we find ourselves alone, confused
without transcendent light, a Holy Ghost
from some messengers to guide us home.

c) Jan G. Otterstrom F.
    October 2, 2009
    Palmares, Alajuela, Costa Rica