Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Holding a theme of love evoked
from the union of so many
concentric sets of savored moments
crossing in a collation of sweet
flavors, smiles and surges of passion
pleased, I wonder how can I sustain
such pleasantness, such satisfaction
of my essence?  Age devours youth’s
resilience day by day, retention wanes
as the fire flickers, the embers cool
but I will not be doused, love’s kiss
immortal must be, nor worms
consume its fidelity,  printed on
affection’s n-dimensional manifold
sealed in my memory field; replayed
to the sound of breakers on the coast
or waves of wind moving leaves and
curtains, comforting breath of breeze.

c)  Jan G. Otterstrom F.    
     March 15, 2009
     Palmares, Costa Rica