Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Charles Darwin taught us
to look closely at Nature
to see how it works, “a grain
of sand turns the balance”
variation, adaptation, pace
of “transformist” change
even new words as “habits
precede structure” logic
breeds deductions, notes
in his Notebooks disclose
his methods from geology
plants, birds and animals
sequence of God’s Biblical
7 Day Creation “It is most
wonderful how in every bird”
there exists a distinct form
of flight “even flying woodpeckers
with powerful wings but tail stiff.”
“Thus in Hawks, there is a swallow
both in structure and habits.”
“Could anyone have foreseen
sailing, climbing and mud walking fish?”
“This again shows how much forms
depend on other forms” “In yellow day
lily, the bees visit base of upper petals
though not differently coloured &
stamens bend up a little” “At last
I saw Bee collecting pollen from sheath
Keel of Lupine.” “In Spanish Broom
by pulling back wings, pollen is ejected
with violence in shower.” Voyage of the
Beagle my favorite teen adventure
“We continued to sail down the noble
stream: the current helped us but little.”
“One day, at St Fe… a spider which was
about three tenths of an inch in length
which standing on the summit of a post,
darted forth four or five threads
from its spinners. These glittering in the
sunshine, might be compared to rays
of light, they were not, however straight
but in undulations like a film of silk
blown by the wind, they were more than
a yard in length and diverged from the orifice.”
Did Darwin see the coming of fiber optics?
“This lizard is extremely common on
all islands throughout the Archipelago
it lives exclusively on the rocky sea-beaches
a group of six or seven of them hideous reptiles
may oftentimes be seen on the black rocks
a few feet above the surf basking in the sun
with out stretched legs… I opened the stomach
of several and in each case found it largely
distended with minced sea-weed, of that kind
which grows in thin foliaceous expansions
of bright green or dull red colour.” In random
thoughts from his pen, confectioned in his mind
our world comes into view, thankful for insight.

c) Jan G. Otterstrom F.
September 20, 2009
Palmares, Alajuela, Costa Rica