Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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The object of my desire is
A complex harmony of events
Overshadowed by the cross
Dimming space, probable fields
A new world city where pirates
And slave traders anchored.
It is a rich bounty of language
Behind fortress walls, canons
And a brisk breeze flapping
The monument governing flag.
The sea was a steel gray blue
Calm yet uninviting yesterday
A prison barrier, guarding
Keeping in and out my island
Grammars, syntax of reefs
Divide the streets, a strange
Silence pervades waiting in
Tedious arguments of living
Metaphor multi-story nests
Roosts for colorful birds their
Underwear catching the little
Breeze winding the labyrinth.
Visiting the park side debates
Theaters filled with courteous
Listeners composing idioms
Daily, rhyming the verse of
The day before, between Sol
And Luz the Convent of Saint
Clara quieted now for reasons
Political. Bricks and mortar
Are evident, itís the arranging
That I live for.

c) Jan G. Otterstrom F. December 8, 2004
La Habana, Cuba