Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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My mind gaps leaving blank spaces
Searching to fill them, remembering
Freeing slaves today, Carlos Manuel.
To progress beyond where we are
We need to defy some law, agreed
Civil order or injustice imposed by
The powers that be, believing in
Inalienable rights, Cespedes did
As did Joseph and Hyrum before
Giving their lives for their brotherís
Freedom. Early Sunday morning
In Havana, the true gray haired
Revolutionaries are out while the
Young sleep off the night. However
The cause is alive in defense of values.
The strings of my guitar are quietly
Waiting new algebras or forgotten ones.
Setting free some inner harmonies
Collations of my days, internalizing
Years from Sanz, Sor to Diego Gastor
Streams of snow from Sierra Madre.
The Convent of Avila is cloistered in
Habana Vieja: Theresa, Juan de la Cruz
Walk their path to perfection, penitence
At every corner. Spain or Yankees on
T-Shirts, baseball caps, the mixed blood
Forming a new Cuban race of Olympic
Champions and academic acumen.
The man from La Mancha wild eyed
As ever, in pursuit of a rebelís dream
The Day and memory a little closer.

c) Jan G. Otterstrom F October 10, 2004
La Habana, Cuba