Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Are you a connoisseur of Caribbean flowers?
Zukofsky studied the complexity of this science
So faithful to what is earthly, our vocation to be
Their regret as they wither, silent companions
To the wind. Searching for confirmation or
Merely the freshness of sight and smell until
They fade for lack of root or give their seeds
For a season? Islands of color, unique, happy,
Or glad to share their differences giving
Variety to the face of the earth, sturdy
Brilliant arrays in dignified posture
Rejoicing in rain, whispering melodically
With soothing breezes while others, potted
Spoiled with care are singing dark Saetas.
While the world waits for hurricanes to rise
Raising the sea, will she ever decide to love
Casting fear aside, trading away the coveted?
Eating with Eve, these letters are enough
Punishment as withered symbols of naivety.
Flowers are poetry for the proper occasion
Tossed in an ocean of rivers, washed up
To limits or over falls against the rocks
Submerged in reality of political fiction.
Redefining measures of worthy success
Platonic shadows walk unlit Avenues
While the sea of aggression, is at its full
Crashing the Malecón, flooding the streets.

c) Jan G. Otterstrom F. La Habana, Cuba
September 26, 2004