Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Havana is an incomplete symbol
Of its special power of love, reason
To go on, having learned the ranges
Of abandonment and alienation
Now sticking it out until the end.
It has crossed its inside and outside
Annihilating the former conscious
Subject that was Havana, bending
Traditional themes, rhetoric, sound
Into revolutionary objects containing
A new subjectivity, its interior content
Transformed as through my guitar
Into an outward thing, logic of sounds
Phonic dimensions, acoustic success
Roaring resonance, voice of renewal
New light changing confusion into clarity.
Its is not only the ideal or its practicability
Which is determining but the glow
Of an otherworldliness, proof of other
Possibilities beyond knowable existence.
Suspending belief as it witnesses another
World emerging beyond its own necessities
Layered with purpose, irony, paradox,
Wisdom and justice. Here my mind
Is a poetic integer, the fabled abyss
Bottomless, dissolving the individual
The mythical becoming what is possible.

C) Jan G. Otterstrom F. La Habana, Cuba
December 19, 2004