Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Southwest flight Utah/California
which direction is my life going?
Transformation in folded double
layers, inlaid feelings, laminates
of desires, unbridled affections
overwhelmed kindness brilliance
energy of multi-lives tunneling
uplifted progeny overcome gravity
traits discovering new solutions
for survival, refining excellence
Order II was this moment’s vision.
A seagull is getting closer, spying
food to grab, eyes fixed, ceaseless
random folding, breakers, swells
coming in from various directions
some “give peace a chance” dream
To stop endless sacrifice of youth
to a pagan god of war, hippie
sorts, déjà vu down Hwy. 101
family trips to San Francisco
our beginning, then San Diego
now literally sitting here on a rock
love, the eternal weight holding fast
children frolic in the sea, little boys
sitting on the blanket, eating snacks
Rebecca now is the real “water otter”.
Come to the edge, look into the void
Krishnamurti taught in Ojai Valley
David Bohm was charmed, drawn
to breaking bonds, doorway thru
boundaries, freedom from statistical
restrictions of measurement, sacred
oak grove, in silence, Nature reveals
itself, the quantum world exposed
Cartesian order incompatible, sun
entering from many angles, multiple
levels, visionary vectors framed
in shade, impressed with energy to
fold mountains, uplift minds, leave
the linear path, large exposed rock
metamorphic action, schist thrust out
rolled into the valley floor, weathered, etched
in lichen, grooves of rivulets, lines of stress
smoothed oval bending curve, separating
ourselves to observe our thought, questions
of questions like hidden variables limiting
our descriptions, near the ocean’s dampness
receding, dispersed, sun beams impacting
dense vapor, disrupting hydrogen/oxygen
bonding, long hypotenuse morning light
tap tap tap a scarlet flicker pecking cedar
siding, bright red head in view of cataclysmic
bending, out cropping enclosed in scrub
the Implicate order frozen in stone.

  1. Jan G. Otterstrom F.

December 5, 2009
Ventura, California