Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Somebody inside is calling out for help.
A note in this bottle as the allegory that is
my life, progress from battle to battle
once an Argonaut in the University
my odyssey quickly seemed to prolong
itself upon the questioning sea, then as
Candide showed, vanity taints our mortality
losing courage, this poet dissected rather than
creating, his satirical form was an anatomy
straight line single-mindedness as the destiny
of the family Rougon-Macquart eulogized
by Zola.  The battle fought on a field of action
or the static suffering of a Prometheus
in a back and forth tortuous argument
both the syntax and semantics of my
dizzying dance express the certain logic
that is my life, its ethical act which must
affirm my being in spite of  those elements
which conflict, forming an essential resistance.   

March 8, 2009
Costa Rica