Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Isaac Newton’s theory of gravitation explained the rise and fall
of ocean levels as a relationship between earth, moon and sun
gravity’s force greatest at moon’s zenith, directly overhead
tides are highest at perigee, closest distance verses apogee
yet tides are also a local phenomenon, driven by harmonics
frequencies, amplitude and phase being unique for location
on the planet, orbital paths, shapes of coastlines, sea depths
complex correspondence of motion, forces, earth’s rotation
position of sun and moon until we realize that we are moving
our body, primarily water, electrons and atomic nuclei
of hydrogen and oxygen is affected by these celestial rhythms
our mood swings, temper, essence, menstrual cycles, beat
harmonies of enhanced vibrations, Johannes Kepler realized
that heavenly motions are continuous songs. As navigators
we wait for high tide to set sail, the prime of our preparation
moment of inspiration, fully stoked, jacked, ready to go
we launch our show, timed to our own, ebb and flow.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F. August 26, 2015