Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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The limits of charity, excesses of selfishness and greed
hucksters pander; peddle hopes and dreams as real
retreaded ideas take center stage to play gullible minds
distracted and seduced, sales technique, buy six years
of soap, you get a free machine, a chicken in every pot
secret agendas sponsor a stage of clowns, clans
of assassins, seeking power to bury crimes, cover lies
free money for banks to trickle down to common folk
lift the burden of the poor, free abortions and more
curb degradation of the planet or deny obvious science
secure the voting box from immigrants and ill informed
protect the captains of industry, examples of success
no free lunch, no spreading wealth no call for communism
oligarchy, fruit of democracy, superior acumen of class
enemies threaten the status quo as scenes gender change
a hole is a hole by any name, obfuscate with irrelevant
details to smoke or bait, stopped watching, it got too late.

Jan G. Otterstrom F. October 15, 2015