Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Continual flow, global conveyer belt of ocean waters
driven by exterior forces, waves, wind, temperature
salinity, molecules deflected in rotating reference frames
density of water parcels, deep undersea rivers unseen
spinning gyro flux turning about the earth’s axis, maintain
our orientation in space, horizontal perpetual motion like
Gulf Stream, Equatorial Counter Current, Asia’s Kuroshiro
Current, all popularly known and play navigation roles
climates and life cycles depend on water wind movement.
Solar radiation powers ocean and atmospheric circulation
amounts of sunlight absorbed at the surface vary greatly
with latitude, being much more at the equator, engendering
fluid motion in the atmosphere and oceans, redistributing
heat towards the poles. It is easier to go with the flow
than against, challenges require tacking contrary to winds
accepted rules, opposite directions into uncharted climes
explorers, migrators, struggled to climb over unmapped walls
or stalled in Sargasso seas, or whirled into eddies and loops
dizzy, as they spun in pools, returning there again and again.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F. August 26, 2015