Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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NOVEMBER 22, 1963

Coming out of a freshman class
on the porch and building steps
“President Kennedy has been shot”
surprise, confusion in student eyes
where, in Dallas, Texas, Elm Street
near Dealey Plaza, John F., Jacqueline
Governor Connally, wife Nellie
Secret Service in the limousine
“Mr. President, you can’t say
that Dallas doesn’t love you”, Nellie
turned and said as the limo turned
onto Elm, nearing Texas School Book
Depository, crack, bullets whizzed
from left right, Kennedy, Connally hit
one parade viewer grazed, James Tague
witness to the scene, people dropped
to the grass to protect their children
in the cross fire, corner window
sixth floor of the depository spotted
also from behind the grassy knoll
freeway wall and even man hole cover
the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald arrested
in a movie theater, charged with murder
impossible feat of firing multiple rounds
in seconds at a great distance from
a bolt action Italian Carcano 6.5 x 52 mm
with uncanny precision, linked to Soviet
communist sympathy, even a Russian wife
Oswald was Nationally vilified before
he could speak, one Jack Ruby shot him dead
before cameras in police custody, sealing
the plot, covering up conspirator actions.
Mafia bosses lost heavily with Cuba’s Revolution
money laundering, gambling, property
confiscated, Kennedy made a deal with Khrushchev
to remove the Russian missiles, leaving
Castro un-molested to continue his experiment.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F. December 22, 2014