Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Love is pure voluntary willingness
to sacrifice our life, will and wealth
patience, long-suffering, gentle
unfailing, as ever forgiving, obliterating
conditions, burying remorse;
discovered in sparks of fascination
illusion, noble kindling of desires
nurturing of caring, symphony of
congeniality, weaving common webs
of romance, beyond a veil; revealed in
nature as papa penguins cuddle young
as fierce blizzards blow, birds that search
for sustenance, as chicks wait anxiously
peering, listening for that voice or familiar
flap of wings; no greater love, takes us to
the cross and Mary sitting there, her son
suffocating in agony, forgiving those
for they knew not what they had done.

c) Jan G. Otterstrom F.
    January 14 , 2011
    Over Costa Rica