Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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The climactic end to war was in the making long before
August 6, 1945, applied theoretical physics, dubbed
Manhattan Project, Los Alamos, New Mexico
unwillingly, the brightest minds of science dipped
their hands in blood, Oppenheim in remorse
pressed for time, a simple solution, implosion type
using chemical explosive lenses Uranium 235
fissile material squeezed into a denser form
became “Little Boy” February 1945, tested July 16th
“radiance of a thousand suns to burst, splendor
of the mighty one” with confirmation of success
a “Little Boy” was wrapped aboard the cruiser class
U.S.S. Indianapolis in San Francisco while I was
in my baby buggy stroller, long eye lashes
my mother’s pride and joy, the bomb sailed
out to sea, destination, the island of Tinian
Southwest of Saipan, Mariana chain, where
the B-29 ENOLA GAY waited for its load
August 6, 1945, “Little Boy” fell of Hiroshima
mushroom of fiery death, persons crushed
their skeletons blown 1000s of feet in hot air
others tried to walk away only collapsing dead
vomiting blood, the irony is, that our Cruiser
having sailed off from Tinian was ripped by
Jap torpedoes, July 30th, her haul bursting
in two sinking her in short order, only 317
final count, survived an ordeal of her 1196 crew
the others lost to drowning or ravaging sharks
as they bobbed helplessly, nothing to drink
for 4 days in warm death infested waters.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F November 20, 2014