Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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As a newborn, I rebelled within a month
of birth, my pyloric valve, sphincter
circular band of voluntary muscle
that encircles the distal orifice or exit
of my stomach, went involuntary
quickly refused to work, food could not
continue in digestion, my weight dropped
from nine to slightly over four pounds
rapidly, my loving parents fasted
and prayed, my pediatrician Dr. Parrot
in search of the solution, war was raging
on the Pacific and European fronts
fortunately, a medical specialist was found
Dr. Victor Richards, at San Francisco’s
Stanford Hospital, I was snatched from death
upon the principles of righteous and an extra
supplement of homogenized milk, to live
to this old age. The Lord ever watches over me
with compassion and understanding
to be writing you here, still living a miracle.

Jan G. Otterstrom F. 2/9/2013