Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Peter Higgs credited and his spin-zero, nonzero mass
boson particle, mediating a Higgs field, relating to all
universal particles moving within it, giving them mass
interacting, displacing weight of quarks, leptons other
fermions as though they were floating in boson vapor
of non-stable force with others: photons, gluons, weak.
Its discovery came in Standard Model problem solving
evolving from discovery of vector-axial weak currents
and intermediate boson hypothesis, replacing 4-fermion
Fermi interactions, using renormalization but requiring
a lot of mass to unify weak and electromagnetic forces
applying, massless non-abelian Yang-Mills field theory.
At this moment Peter appeared with his Higgs boson
particle theory for spontaneous symmetry breaking
of non-trivial masses of fermions, even some bosons
resulting in a more flexible notion of geometric space
mixture of continuum and discrete, a double space-time.

Jan G. Otterstrom F. June 9, 2015