Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Riemann’s allusions were not ignored
by Clifford, an Englishman, translator
of his works, who conceived that motion
of matter, was evidence of curvature
space tells mass how to move 1876
Aristotle imagined the opposite
space happens or is contingent
on existence of substance, Euclid
decreed: parallel lines go on for ever
flat space, philosophers like Kant
adhered to Euclid, twenty five years
of debate until K. Schwarzschild published
“On the Admissible Curvature of Space”
speculating whether space is elliptic or
hyperbolic, curving in or out, Poincaré
defended Euclid but pointed out two
alterations of objects: state and position.
Einstein comes on the scene to follow clues:
“Space tells mass how to move” Riemann
“Inertia here arises from mass there” E. Mach
“Free fall is free float” Equivalence principle: Einstein
to conclude that gravity was a manifestation
of the curvature of space/time in his General Theory
of Relativity and the world was changed forever.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F. March 7, 2015