Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Time places, with age, the events of life
however trivial, in their proper sequence
of space, to finally reveal their true
tangential transcendence: positions of stars
they say, continually alter one’s path and past;
words spoken casually with love often
redirect our lives; as Jacob whispered
his tenderness and years of longing to Rachel
Joseph and Benjamin were more than sons
of Israel, but brothers of the same mother
to save their father and his progeny in Egypt
today the world; decisions in a flash could
change fortunes or a scoreboard; miscalculations
multiply with distance; unkind outbursts
break hearts or terminate dreams;
a passionate embrace is hope and cherished
memories; the maestro’s encouragement
and insistence on detail creates an artist;
seconds lost of concentration may result
in accidents or competition´s crucial error;
happenings within the fluctuating course
fluid flow of existence, leave much
unwritten, until we exit, at the end.

Jan G. Otterstrom F. 4/23/2013