Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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His last words were footnotes for an obituary
fragment of his flamenco guitar, deep chords
echoing from his essence, years of Saturday
opera from the Met as though his muse was sealed
with him inside his tomb of hubris and sin
mystery of mortal sojourn, at age 8 he came of age
baptized November 2, 1952, Truman already
had fired MacArthur for wanting to expand the war
in April of 1951, by baptism, the war was a stalemate
at the 38th Parallel, conflagration almost put out
the General revered Truman booed, as he rode
his bicycle to the pier, to fish and watch the swells
come in from above, crash and foam, his family
moved to La Jolla, intimate beaches and coves
tide pools, eel grass, star fishes, baseball at
second base, then golf and Country Club caddy
extra money to buy music LPs Sabicas, El Greco
came to San Diego, Carmen Amaya, Mario Escudero
when the ocean called to tame its waves and Fidel
with El “Che” chased Batista and his cronies away
Revolutionary Folk Heroes of Life Magazine
until Khrushchev installed missiles 90 miles away
Kennedy barley defeated Nixon in 1960 election
by the difference of Chicago dead souls
the States were on the verge of war again
grocery shelves at Safeway cleared in a few hours
Communists could stay if the missiles went
prelude to assassination, the turbulent 60s had begun
in 1962 Generalisimo Franco was still alive
the pall of Francoism still draped Madrid
Don Quijote and Sancho only statutes in a Park
Guns of Navarone a year old movie, second run
only cheerful note, lottery vendors “El Premio para hoy”
on his walk to the Hernandez Aguado shop
at the invitation of Regino Sainz de la Maza
where his guitar playing was criticized, Vicente Gomez
vilified, welcomed by Perico del Lunar, la Petenera
Zapateado before Triana across the Guadalquivir
playing Alegrias from the balcony of a Sevilla Pension.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F. February 12, 2015