Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Dendron (tree) Bios (life)
one who lives on trees
orchid genus of near 1200
species, Olof Swartz 1799
is credited, wide variety
of habitat throughout Asia
Himalayans to tropic jungles
Australian desert stretches
sympodial orchid, cane like
pseudo bulbs, reedy stems
hairy, enveloped in leaves
short bunched ovate to apex
thrive in summer, dormant
in cold hostile months
buds and new root growth
erupt in spring, “Den” for short
small flowers, dingy browns
to scarlet, yellow orange
sparkling white, many types
phalaenopsis included here
spatulata, latiuria and callista
formosae, oxyglossum, pedilonum
brighten trees among Chinese
Indians to Vietnam also please.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F. October 19, 2014