Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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She gave you even money honey
sweet sticky stuff affection, never
enough like words, without dictionaries
living in the head, choloth for one
surname or cholothiasis medical term
don’t worry about meanings, words
shake them off, change with context
emotion and whether weather allows
si le temps le permet, si el tiempo
lo permite, huruvida vädret tillåter.
Flag at half-mast, we hum hymns
yardarm sail flaps, wind died, jimmy
us loose to move junk outside to sell
on sale, mother’s favorite yardstick
trick of sewing and sore bums running.
If Sally only had arrived on time, all
would have been different, hold my place
in line while I get some bread, space
moves forward so hurry, he’s here
Mister Miller, he brought the flour
happy moments are fleeting, share with
fresh cut flowers, fleurs fraîches coupées.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F. September 13, 2015