Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Words fail with the stormís force
Atlantic bred hurricane, cyclone
of warm water driven by winds
torrential roar, transformers explode
lights out, window frames, roof
almost burst nails and fittings
trees fly, limbs crash against
the night, hours turn slowly
reverence born of fear and awe
as the heart cherishes each beat
mind open into a center stillness
life in a motherís arms suckling
secure for a lifetime wound with
instants, what does she think
can she see this day, leaves
twirling, her son tied, resisting
with his failing might, whorl
of years knotted in age broken
crescendo of time abandoned
left alone to gather resource
bring together the passages
of dreams leaving the scherzo
for others to mull, to dig deeper
open the buried boxes, confront
the self, remembrance of green
the sea seething, surge of tide
change, morning stars falling
into the blue, flights of egrets
white, lift from mangroves
to tell us, another day is come
a mystery, hidden from some.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F. May 2, 2014