Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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Last stand to save the land, June 1876
Sun Dance alliance led by T?at?á?ka Íyotake
Sitting Bull, true America Warrior to turn
back contamination of foreign invaders
English, Roman Common laws, anathema
contravening Great Spirit decrees
of stewardship, taught on mountain tops
nearer in solitude, pinnacles of naked rock
jeweled vault of open sky, possession less
they praised, worshiped the only God
in silent primal forest, blessed by sacred
white tips of eagle feathers in flight
eyesight that pierces atmospheres
into the planet’s heart. How can man own
the Earth? Antithesis of every word learned
from the Creator’s reign, passed from ancestor´s
mouths in the cleansing lodge of love. Now
the earth weeps, trails of trials, tears muddy
the way, torn, exploited, fracked, absorbing
spilled blood, toxic wastes, gutted, fenced
walled, electric barbed wire stretched
pumped, drilled, roots uprooted, erosion freed
ditched, culverts slide to gullies, open sores.
Tall Sioux, Lakota Cheyenne and Arapaho
now martyrs for the cause, emasculated esteem
in fire water, treaty lies, long years in prison cells
their culture violated, raped, their women bent.

© Jan G. Otterstrom (Half Baked) November 17, 2014