Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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When I die, throw my carcass
into a pauperís grave, bones
otherís less fortunate than me
erroneous history reports
Mozart suffered a similar fate
December fifth 1791, pale
of sad expression, feverish
Vienna, his Requiem in hand
heart broke, body weary, driven
more music in his head, urged
to cross the final bars, chords
describing death, Lacrimosa
close friends sang the parts
Schack, Hofer, Gerl, Amadeus
wept profusely, the weight
of mortality lifted, bass viol
bassoons, kettle drums lower
registers, cellos, violas to violins
weep, wave good-bye, oboes weave
footfalls, horns support, sustain crescendos
from bass, baritones to tenors
to rise angelically, sopranos
final, heavy beat of hearts
exhausted, lying down, Amen.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F. February 28 2015