Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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ANCESTORS IV (Scotland Sir!)

An almost mythic line from the great sagas of all time
begins in Wales, humble cottage but independent stock
a conflict about religion, right not to accept State beliefs
to practice other forms not sanctioned at Canterbury
peaceful Quaker thought, a loving Savior, persecution
led to a sensible solution, leave on a ship bound for a new world
the Mayflower. Soon peace of escape was encroached upon
by British Red Coats trying to impose Imperial Law, now only
fight a Revolution as soldier son to free the land of
this bloody blight, comfort finally in Pennsylvania when
itinerate missionaries knocked on the door, some word
of a real prophet, God had spoken, the heavens opened again.
West to Nauvoo on the banks of the Mississippi, a dream of Zion
under construction then Joseph stood for abolition of slavery
his price at Carthage, a shower of lead musket balls, later
Brigham preached the vision of Western valleys
where we could worship and believe alone. In one of the first
wagon trains, unknown rigors of prairie, rivers and mountains
one child laid to rest along the way to start again with nothing
only fortitude and faith to transform an alkaline desert
into a blossoming rose and overflowing basket.
Soon though, called to move south, to settle, claim the lands
interrupted by a call to return to England to share the good news
but at last the Bennett family settled in Holden
prospered, where our grandmother Estelle was born.

Jan G. Otterstrom F. 7/16/2013