Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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This is a poem about
adverbs, words that
modify verbs, adverbs
adjectives, phrases
time, space, place
manners in degrees
fruit high in the tree
long list, so here are
some, favorites of me.

Upstairs, in the sky
overhead, higher yet
parrots flash green
chatter high up, look
an hundred feet or so.
I was a Private, she a
General, with stars
her ways, thoughts
superior for sure
all above reproach.

Go to the lower level
only crew allowed here
above. Are we marginal
footnotes on a page
of text, maybe beings
of infernal regions
fire and hell beneath
or under perpendicular
planes like girls skirts
below the knees please.

Maybe, always when
we add “ly” to an end
of a word, magically
we have an adverb
coyly attached suffix
in any event, each time
even without exception
some say, repetition
producing uniformity
unchanging sameness
who knows if its forever?

Close qualifies near by
but opposite the wind
in sailors lore, sails up
at top of halyard, cut
a fast track, closely
the captain holds her.

Conscious is an adjective
that comes alive with “ly”
becomes aware of existence
inwardly sensing something
inner realization awakened
as he consciously knew.

Counter is a good one
running in reverse, contrary
in opposition, wrong way
today, counts time away.

Down is fundamental
as place, deep deeper
still, until deeply felt
extending far, specific
depth, reaching bent
lowered, cunningly
profound even obscure
absorbed in thought
into future and space
involved, so deepened
from higher realms
descending direction
from greater to lesser
getting serious to work
we write that important
information then drive
to a south side Barrio
we shouted and drove
prices to bargain levels.

Evenly lays out interesting
possibilities, smoothly
flatly, freely and uniform
without variation, equally
shared and measured
exactly expressible
squarely determined
not easily excited to anger
so tempered, precisely
agrees, evenly rewarded.

From solid and firm
to not quite, barely
almost not at all
little possibility of
being difficult, easy
even, no longer harsh
nor rough, toilsome
burdensome, forget
that great exertion
strenuously, intently
earnestly, now not
wearisome nor complex
with little likelihood.

The noun, adjective
adverb of many minds
which ill befits or does
wickedly or poorly
unfavorably, scarcely
an expense we can afford.

Is a good one, inside
into some place, state
position within, who
has power or possession
participating in the game
is favored, has style
the vogue but trouble
is coming on its way.

In, on or with reference
to his secret dislikes
privately shared, as
whispered from his
inner self, mentally
flows from an interior
intimate, center, closely
guarded, not aloud.

Adds breeding to kind
defines manners
cordiality, makes
a good impression
obliges pleasingly
confirms agreement.

With knowledge
her knowing
she knowingly shares
so shrewd, astute
protected, private
information uses
conscious of her
deliberate action.

Liberal views lend
selves to suffix magic
poetry of language
she thinks liberally
pense libéralement
french adds ment
pronounced maunt
aunt with an m then
Spanish also likes
ment but with an e
piensa liberalmente
English, to be strange
chose ly instead, from
other roots, favorable
or advocate of free
thinking with liberality
or akin to liberalism
some even indulgent
or permissive, always
independence choose.

Likes elongated forms
complex space, unusual
manners, noun with ly
really new in 16th century
Europe, copying Italian
style, oblique discourse
addressed in art to go
further, instability rather
than balance and clarity
intellectual sophistication
tension in composition.

Nevermore echoed
time gone for ever
absolutely not at all
limited extent is null
never the wiser still.

To be no longer, away
from, to cast or go, a
distance in time/space
continuity interrupted
other intervals were on
vacation is some time
when fun is the priority

He ran pell-mell confused
haste made waste ending.

Quick succession of beats
pit a pat heart in excitement
or drops of rain on the zinc.
Right after, straight away
quite immediately precise
from the left hand to the.
Recurring round of time
throughout comes around.
She looked sharp, her figure
sharply defined, acute lines.
Do it so, not so fast
more than sad greatly
she’s ill so she can’t
all follows this way
a manner of speaking.
I think therefore, in
consequence of that.

© Jan G. Otterstrom F. August 8, 2015