Jan G. Otterstrom F.

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They call themselves Ticos
tacos are also a pair of soccer
football shoes, sayings vary from “Pura Vida”
“en la lucha” “sí huevon” “mae” “idíay”
to mark local idiom, but peculiarities
go on in hundreds of literal pages
dictionary of Costarriqueñismos
competing with Real Academia Española.
Diet, of course, begins with Gallo Pinto
a chilero nearby but chimichurri substitutes
not so picante, though nothing is wasted
stale bread becomes tamal asado, a little sugar
and cañela cinnamon mask about anything.
From the beginning, they have lived from the soil
arduous labor, nobility of sweat, their coffee
keeps the world awake, exotic fruits on New York plates
flowers and indoor plants bring life and color
to high rise towers from Tokyo to Chicago
intelligence and care for detail, add Seattle, Texas
and Silicon Valley trademarks to its exports
then Call for assistance from North or South
it’s likely a Costa Rican Center will answer.

Jan G. Otterstrom F. 9/21/2013